Suburban Hospital's Campus Enhancement Project

Suburban Hospital is poised to bring the community something you've never seen before. But as the neighbor you've known for years, you'll still recognize us when you walk through the door.
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See into the future of
care in your community.


Commence construction Phase 1

with site work and access road improvements.


Continuation of site work.


Campus traffic flow now allows unification of the campus and construction of a temporary surface parking lot.


Demolition of the existing parking structure and an office building allow for the new parking garage.


Site work and excavation begin for the addition to the existing hospital.

Construction completed for the

300,000 sq. ft. addition.

More space and technology to better serve you.


New building with new main entrance, improved traffic flow to the campus.

Landscaping creates

tranquil spaces

for better healing and respite.

Welcome to the New Suburban Hospital. Take the virtual tour.