Suburban Hospital’s Personalized Diabetes Plans Help Patients Improve Health

January 25, 2020

Ralph Roarty spent most of his 65 years in the carpet business, supplying many of Washington, D.C.’s top hotels, offices and homes with fine rugs from around the world. But after he retired a few years ago, a series of health problems left him wondering if he’d ever feel good again.

In January 2018, Roarty underwent back surgery. Then, kidney troubles, a bout with sepsis and a heart attack led to a lengthy hospital stay. During his weekslong recovery process in the hospital, Roarty, who also has type 2 diabetes, met with endocrinologist Mihail Zilbermint, M.D., chief of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism at Suburban Hospital and director of the hospital’s Inpatient Diabetes Management Service.

“Even though I was there for back surgery, Dr. Zilbermint asked me questions about my diabetes,” Roarty says from his home in Silver Spring, adding that his recovery is going well. “He actually listened to me. I’ve been to more than a few endocrinologists, but Dr. Zilbermint is the best.”

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