Tower Crane Signals Suburban Hospital’s Transformation

March 14, 2018

As we continue with Suburban Hospital’s campus transformation, you may have noticed the tower crane on the construction site. The construction crew uses the crane to lift the heavy building materials and equipment needed to construct the new building addition. A second tower crane will be installed in late March.

Fortunately, the tower crane’s unique design withstood the powerful windstorm we saw in our area a few weeks ago. What makes tower cranes sturdy are its ability to spin like a “weather vane.” When wind speed picks up or when the cranes are not being operated they swing in the wind direction, allowing them to avoid structural damage.

Here are additional facts about the two tower cranes that will be in use during construction:

  • Crane Number 2, the larger of the two, will have a reach of about 250 feet, or well over two-thirds the length of a football field.
  • Both cranes are capable of lifting about 10,000 pounds at the far end of their reach. That’s about the weight of an ambulance.
  • There are about 550 cubic yards of concrete in the crane’s foundation, which is also part of the building foundation. That’s enough to fill 18 hospital exam bays with a weight of more than 2.2 million pounds, which is about half the weight of the space shuttle!